Forest Information System.

Pike Forestry Consultants has developed a complete F.I.S (Forest Information System), in which we have been working uninterruptly since the year 2002. We likewise have a complete Forestry Data Base, which allows us to analyze the current and project the future availability of timber, both in Uruguay and in Argentina. The F.I.S contains two main elements

A complete GIS (Geographical Information Systems) which contains detailed information about each plantation in Uruguay, describing for each planted cadastral unit the following issues: owner, species, year of plantation, forest management, distance to the most important points such as ports and industries. At the same time, the GIS provides information about the existing natural resources at different levels: cadastral units and farm level (soil type, contour maps, geological maps, hydrological maps including rivers and streams). In addition information about the internal routes, departmental routes, railway lines, distance to ports and the corresponding distances to villages and cities is provided.

Related GIS database, with complementary information such as: harvesting year, estimated timber volume, plantation date, last harvest, IMA’s, etc.

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